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Londýnská 50
120 00 Praha 2
Czech republic

History of the hotel

The originally three-story building at No. 50 Londýnská Street was built in 1875 as a block of flats. In 1924 it was purchased by Marie Skřivanová, the present owners’ great-grandmother. This industrious and assiduous woman had a fourth and fifth floor added and decided to convert the building into a hotel – the Skřivan Hotel. In this way she laid the foundations of the business that the family has run to this day.

Marie Skřivanová passed the business on to her son Adolf Skřivan, who became the proprietor of the hotel before World War II. He ran the hotel and lived there with his family. After the war, in 1945, the hotel was seized by Russian troops who left it in a poor condition. Adolf Skřivan obtained a mortgage in order to reconstruct and restore the building. However, the hotel was nationalised by the communist government in 1948 and Adolf Skřivan was allowed to remain in the hotel as a tenant until 1962 when he was forced to move out.

The new owner, Hotely a restaurace Praha 2 [Hotels and Restaurants Prague 2], a state corporation, changed the name of the hotel to the Luník Hotel in 1967. Adolf Skřivan received the hotel as restitution in 1991, two years after the Velvet Revolution, and endowed it to his daughter Milada Plzáková, who supervised the complete reconstruction of the hotel in 1991 and 1992. Milada Plzáková ran and managed the hotel until 2003. After she retired, her daughters took the baton of the family tradition. After the death of Mrs. Milady Plzáková, her daughter Pavla Moravcová continues the tradition

In accordance with the original owner’s wish the hotel still bears the name of the Luník Hotel, as Skřivan would be difficult for foreign guests to pronounce. Yet, Skřivan [meaning “lark”] is still used in the hotel’s logo.